Sour Cherry Tart

Since red fruits have always been her favorite, I made this Sour Cherry Tart for my mother’s birthday.  She’s the person who always picks out the red gummy bears leaving the other colors behind.  We do share this fondness for red fruits-cherries, strawberries, red currants, raspberries, pomegranites. When I think about how relentless the heat can be at this time of year in New York City, sour cherries make summer worthwhile..

For this tart, I decided to make a Pate Sucree instead of my standard pie shell which is usually savory. Ordinarily I prefer baking with natural sweeteners, like maple sugar and palm sugar, because they’re less refined and have better nutrients in them, but here I’ve made an exception. Cane sugar yields an important subtle undertone of crunchy texture in the tart that is impossible to achieve otherwise in this case. Continue reading “Sour Cherry Tart”

Red Currant Bread with Almond Streusel

I spent my end of summer vacation in Burgundy, and was lucky enough to catch the end of the wild currants growing in my mother’s yard. They flourish somehow, even though they’re left untouched for a good part of the year. It amazes me how well plants grow there. We harvested an enormous bundle of rhubarb and sorrel too! It was a fun trip filled with friends, the quiet French countryside, vide greniers (flea markets) and good food. When we’re in Burgundy I cook almost every day and night, usually for several people, so I always come home with new recipes and even more cooking inspiration. Here’s a keeper recipe I made with the harvest from the garden. Thanks to my dear friends, who put their high boots on to trample through the weeds and stinging nettles to delicately pluck these sweet and tart perfect crimson berries from the branches, I came up with this recipe. Continue reading “Red Currant Bread with Almond Streusel”

Truffled Apples with Honey, Currants and Walnuts

I have always been a fan of truffled honey on a cheese plate. I think it’s the delicate play between savory and sweet that is so enjoyable. However, I had never  quite experienced the pairing of truffles, honey and apples until the night of my dinner at Terraza del Casino in Madrid. The restaurant is famed for the gastronomic delights of Chef Paco Rancero, disciple of the acclaimed Ferrnan Adria.  To experience a meal like this is decadent, much like being in a candy store; inspiring, indulgent and fun, but by no means a satisfying approach to everyday eating. Continue reading “Truffled Apples with Honey, Currants and Walnuts”

Strawberry-Rose Almond Milk Smoothie

strawberry rose

If I were a musician, this might be my farewell Ode to summer. A classic ode is in three parts: the strophe, antistrophe and epode. In other words soaking the almonds, composing everything (such as the blending the straining the sprinkling of rose petals), and finally the enjoyment. Pure flavors of  icy strawberries with sweet almonds and subtle undertones of rose. We’ve had warm weather the last couple of days, so no wonder I’ve had strawberries on my mind. I try to avoid freezing fruits and vegetables, but I will make a few exceptions. Fruits frozen at their peak of sweetness and starchier vegetables like peas and corn are some of them. Continue reading “Strawberry-Rose Almond Milk Smoothie”