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  1. she sa great actress and chef. and enjoy watching her on tv. missed her on movies adn tv but wehave he rold movies of the ducks.

  2. Hello Colombe,

    I have a passion for food. I love to cook, I love to eat, and I love to watch others enjoy the food I have prepared. Ever since I was old enough to earn money and go shopping for myself at the tender age of eleven, I slowly began to learn the art of cooking through hours of Q&A with my grandmother. One night, I even asked her how to cook an avocado because I didn’t realize it had to ripen before eating. Well the answer was, “You don’t cook an avocado.” But, because I was young and independent I didn’t listen to her and decided to boil the avocado, and that was a big mistake. Imagine lukewarm soft chalk and that is what a boiled avocado tastes like. Well I recently started concentrating on the foods I eat due to high blood pressure. I am 37 years old and determined to start eating right and get my body, mind and spirit back in shape. So I purchased a juicer and started juicing every morning. I know you like to teach healthy ways to live your life through eating smarter. My friend always told me, “eat what your body likes, not what you like,” but somewhere in that saying, I believe there is a compromise. I am interested to know that if I gave you a dish or two or three, that I like, can you redesign the dish to make the meal healthier but still maintain its flavor and integrity? I am sure that is a common question among people who love to eat salty/fatty foods, who have trouble saying no at any chance they get to eat the food they love. I would be more than willing to pay for your expertise and any knowledge you would be willing to convey.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Sean M.

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