Handmade Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are one of those cookies that no one ever seems to eat but you always open them to see your fortune, in case it’s a good one.   I always thought that if you like the fortune then you have a morsel at least, in order for it’s words of wisdom to ring true.  I recently made my own fortune cookies, because I wanted them to taste better, but also, it’s so much fun writing your own, customized fortunes. If you have writer’s block, you can always consult the I Ching or your favorite astrologer for some inspiration. I recently made this recipe for a home-made  fortune cookie segment on Better TV. Continue reading “Handmade Fortune Cookies”

Chocolate Zucchini Amaranth Muffins


This is the time of year, when zucchini is very much on my mind.  I seem to be constantly brainstorming various uses for this ever present and abundant vegetable . Zucchini has a very subtle flavor so finding the perfect way to spruce it up can be challenging at times. How to get excited about zucchini, I ask?

Somehow, zucchini bread was a staple in my grandma’s kitchen, so naturally, it’s the first thing that comes to mind when conjuring up zucchini recipes. I wanted to dress it up a bit. My goal, to make it a suitable breakfast or afternoon snack option. So for an unpredictable, interesting and most importantly delicious twist, here’s what I came up with. First, I’m using a natural sweetener, maple sugar, and much less of it. I’m also using Amaranth, a nourishing whole grain flour. Continue reading “Chocolate Zucchini Amaranth Muffins”

Lavender Scones

Lavender Scones

It wasn’t until I went to England that I had my first “real scone”, more like a proper biscuit and less like a hockey puck. An afternoon tea party can be a refreshing diversion from your average holiday soiree. I made these for one recently, and everyone loved them.

I have been at work perfecting scones, trying for a recipe that achieves the same tender layers as the ones I’ve enjoyed in London. Farewell to the dense varieties you may have previously experienced. Here is my most favorite variation, with lavender flowers and lemon zest. Continue reading “Lavender Scones”