Leeks Vinaigrette


I usually opt for leeks in many recipes where you may use onions. They’re sweeter and more delicate, and a great way to maximize flavor. Here’s a simple, no fuss-yet satisfying way to prepare them. The leeks should turn out very sweet and tender and practically melt in your mouth. I recommend using smaller leeks than the ones pictured here if they’re available at your market, they’ll be more tender and easier to cut.

I finally picked up some at the farmer’s market recently, with the singular intention of making leeks vinagrette. It’s such a simple dish but so flavorful, a nice accompaniment to a meal. I was craving them ever since I had them at Mama Shelter hotel in Paris this spring. I flipped through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, to see what she would do with leeks. Continue reading “Leeks Vinaigrette”