Rocambole Magical Garlic

Now that winter is officially here roast garlic is becoming a staple in our kitchen. Since garlic is nature’s antibiotic, it’s great for wintertime when fortifying your immune system is most important.I try to pop over to Keith’s Farm at the Union Square Farmer’s market whenever possible because they have my favorite garlic variety. Ever since I tried their Rocambole (pronounced like rock’ n roll, but rock’m’bowl) garlic it’s difficult to settle for any other kind for several reasons. You’re always guaranteed big cloves in each head. I’ve never been a fan of garlic that has tons of small cloves within one clove, it requires so much more work. Also, there is a  juiciness to Rocambole, it has a superior amount of oil which makes it the perfect choice for garlic paste. Continue reading “Rocambole Magical Garlic”