Homemade Vanilla Wafers, Gluten Free


I’m getting ready to make a new and improved take on Banana Cream Pudding but  first I had to bake my vanilla wafers. I made extra because I like a simple, plain cookie that I can nibble with my afternoon tea. My son likes cookies too, and these are something I can feel good about, without white sugar and loaded with nothing but goodness. Added bonus, they’re gluten free, made with oat flour. These would also make the perfect teething cookies for a younger child. My most recent obsession is Vanilla Rooibos tea from Le Palais Des Thes which recently opened down the street in Soho. As it turns out, Rooibos tea has many good properties, which is good because I have been drinking it like crazy. Continue reading “Homemade Vanilla Wafers, Gluten Free”