Whole Flounder with Fennel, Blood Orange and Olives


The other night I was in search of another light, satisfying, simple but tasty dinner. I wandered around Citarella knowing full well I wanted fresh fish. It’s one of my go to supermarkets when I’m in the mood. (The Lobster Place or greenmarkets are also often part of my fish repertoire). My only criteria were for something wild, local and seasonal. For this, the fishmonger steered me toward whole flounder that came in just that day, something I rarely cook since I usually buy filets.

I’m now a convert to cooking the whole fish; it preserves the delicate flavor and is more economical too. To make it even easier, I have the fishmonger clean and slit the fish to create a book like flap into which I stuff aromatics and other ingredients. Continue reading “Whole Flounder with Fennel, Blood Orange and Olives”