Avgolemono Soup

Avgolemono, a.k.a. egg lemon soup has become my all time comfort food over the years. I first had it years ago at the Artist’s Cafe in Chicago, a classic Greek diner in the Fine Arts Building. Growing up, this was a regular stop for me every Thursday after ballet class beginning when I was six. Years later I went back on a Thursday and they still had the same soup special on the same day! I was thrilled that some things never change.

This post is in honor of all of you that may have suffered from the flu this season.  When you’re digestion is at its weakest this recipe is a welcome home. It’s a nourishing chicken broth with rice, easy on your digestion but with a little more excitement from the dill and lemon. Continue reading “Avgolemono Soup”

Creamy Corn Soup with Coconut Milk

This month I’m doing cooking demos at the New York Botanical Gardens in a series sponsored by Growing Chefs. All of my recipes are seasonal, market and garden fresh. I’m keeping the dishes simple to create so that no matter what age or cooking expertise, you can enjoy the recipes. The kitchen is beautiful and well equipped at the Conservatory Kitchen and there’s a slew of other exciting culinary guests on the schedule to check out.

The first week I made Sugar Snap Peas with Sesame dressing, last week was a Basil Pesto Pasta Salad. Here is a preview for this week’s recipe, my personal favorite of the series. It’s a refreshing summer soup that I created without any dairy at all. The corn and coconut milk come together to create a creamy silky texture that you’ll never even miss cream or butter. I was only aiming to complement the sweetness of the corn with a few simple flavors. We’ve been hit with a heat wave in New york City, so the quicker the cook time the better. I skipped making a stock with the cobbs and went for any shortcuts I could find. Continue reading “Creamy Corn Soup with Coconut Milk”

Chili With Corn Muffins


When the crisp air of fall comes there’s nothing better than something hearty, healthy and warm to eat. For me, Chili goes hand in hand with thick scarves, plaid, flannel, down comforters and crackling fires. Chili can be enjoyed equally without meat or tofu. Beans are high in protein and you can get bold flavor from other ingredients. You don’t even need to use unique peppers to achieve a boost of flavor. In fact these ingredients can be found at your local supermarket or farmers market without any trouble at all. I hope you’re a fan of garlic, because this too, is a key ingredient which imparts a nice kick without adding heat. Use the freshest, most seasonal vegetables – combined with a few spices and a touch of lime to achieve a delicious and perfectly rounded flavor. I used cinnamon for the first time in chili and I have to say it’s my new (not so secret anymore) favorite chili ingredient. Continue reading “Chili With Corn Muffins”

Healing Garlic Soup with Pasta Shells


When summer is turning to fall, many of us are working on overdrive, with the “back to school” feeling in the air.  Everyone around us is starting to get sick. After a busy week of work last week, it ocurred to me that it’s time to take preventative measures to fortify my own immune system.

It used to be that when you started to feel run down, someone would ask you if they could get you anything, oh, make you some tea or  chicken soup. These days it’s not uncommon that your friends want to run for the hills, for fear of getting sick themselves. So why not start your own pot of soup on the stove? Continue reading “Healing Garlic Soup with Pasta Shells”